Polar Grit X multisport GPS watch, Hill Splitter feature for runners

The last time Polar launched an entirely new tracker it came as a very pleasant surprise. The Ignite watch cost less than £200 but was full of clever features to help you get fitter, including guided workouts that were tailored to how well you’d recovered overnight, alongside staples like built-in GPS and heart rate monitoring.

On paper, the new Grit X multisport watch offers similarly impressive value for money, with a price of £379 but a feature set that wouldn’t be out of place on a £500-plus device.

The Grit X is attractive and lightweight but still rugged enough for the outdoor pursuits it’s designed for, and it boasts a battery life of 40 hours in GPS mode. That’s enough for even ultramarathoners to get through most races without needing a top-up. You can also extend the battery life to 100 hours of GPS using power saving modes.

Long-distance trail runners are the prime beneficiaries of most of the Grit X’s most interesting new features as well. Hill Splitter (above) breaks down each uphill and downhill section of your run so you can adjust your pace over those sections, while FuelWise (below) provides bespoke nutrition and water reminders to help you avoid hitting the wall during long training sessions or races.

Polar Grit X multisport GPS watch, FuelWise feature

The Grit X also offers turn-by-turn navigation using routes from the popular Komoot app (below). While this feature isn’t quite as good as the colour maps you get on Garmin’s top-end Forerunner and Fenix devices, it should help you explore new areas with minimum difficulty.

Polar Grit X multisport GPS watch, Komoot route guidance

These new attributes arrive on top of the impressive features that were already available on Polar’s Vantage V running watch. There’s running power tracked from your wrist, suggested workouts based on the in-depth recovery analysis the watch provides, and Training Load Pro to help you set up your training to be productive and ensure you’re not overdoing it.

The Polar Grit X is available now on the Polar website. We’ll let you know whether it lives up to its on-paper promise as soon as we get hold of it to review.

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