It might seem like just a plastic container, but it’s also the breeding ground for that god-awful stench that appears if you forget to wash it out quickly enough. Which means you, like us, are probably in the market for a new protein shaker pretty regularly. But which one to choose?

When it comes to picking a protein shaker a good starting point is where you’ll be using it. For instance, we think a flip top is far more convenient if you’re exercising outside, whereas a screwtop is far less likely to leak all over your treadmill.

But that isn’t the only thing you need to consider: Does it mix your protein well? Does it do anything else? Can you justify the price tag for those extra features? Have you the time and inclination to look after an expensive do-it-all battery powered mixer, or are you likely to leave it to fester at the bottom of your gym bag, destined to end up in the bin as you recoil from its hellish stench?

Here are a few of our top picks to help you decide. 

The Multi-Functional One: Ohelo Tumbler

Ostensibly a reusable coffee cup, this weighty tumbler has been designed to work as a protein shaker too. Its mesh filter catches any lumps of protein powder and the leak-proof lid is great if you want to mix your shake at home before hitting the gym with the aim of consuming it mid-workout. The only wrinkle is that the twist-to-open lid is stiff and not that easy to grip – something you may struggle with after a punishing set of pull-ups or the like that’s exhausted your grip.

The fact that it’s a coffee cup is also useful: if your pre-workout supplement of choice is an espresso shot, you can make one at home and trust the thermos insulation to keep it warm while you make your way to the gym. Plus, reuse the tumbler afterwards to make your shake at the gym and you’ll add coffee notes to the flavour. Don’t try it the other way around though – no-one likes a protein powder aftertaste with their coffee.

Buy from Ohelo | £29

The Gold One: TPW Black N’ Gold Shaker

For those who want to add some glamour to their post-workout refuelling routine, try this glitzy shaker from The Protein Works. The steel shaker is leakproof and easy to clean, and it has a large capacity of 739ml so you have plenty of shaking space to mix up your drinks.

Buy from The Protein Works | £12.99

The Stylish One: PhD Stainless Steel Shaker

If you’re a member of a high-end boutique gym, you don’t want some nasty plastic beaker ruining the artfully designed space. Do the management a favour and pull this stainless steel shaker from PhD Nutrition out of your gym bag. Sleek and slender it may be, but it’s not a case of style over substance – the shaker still does the job thanks to a 750ml capacity and flip-top lid. Style aside, the reinforced steel is less likely to break than plastic.

The All-Singing One: Promixx 2.0

The Promixx 2.0 uses an X-shaped blade and 16,000rpm high-torque motor in its base to mix the ingredients. Trust us, it’s as fast as it sounds – within ten seconds, you’ll have a lump-free shake. And rest easy – you won’t have to buy expensive batteries every few months, a rechargeable lithium battery and a USB charging cable are included.

The One That Mixes Like A Champ: Cyclone Cup

If you quite reasonably don’t want to invest in a protein shaker that has a motor-powered mixer but are frustrated that your powder is not mixing properly, give the Cyclone Cup a try. The tapered cone in the shaker is designed to churn up even the toughest ingredients so you get a smooth shake every time. If you’re partial to a scoop of the notoriously tricky-to-mix creatine powder with your post-workout protein shake, the Cyclone Cup could be a godsend.

The Multi-Tasking One: BlenderBottle GoStak

Carry your various supplements and snacks with you in the most convenient manner possible with this set of stackable beakers, all of which have leakproof lids. So if you want to take protein powder, BCAAs, creatine, vitamins and any other supplement after a workout, you can bring them all with you separately and mix them at the gym. The stacks also fit inside BlenderBottle’s classic protein shaker, though you can also just chuck your powders into the biggest tub and mix them in there.

The On-The-Go One: SmartShake

The SmartShake is the original protein shaker with compartments, giving you the opportunity to pack your post-workout power, snacks and supplements in one place. Plus, the compartments conveniently fit inside the shaker when they’re empty. This one’s perfect for anyone who likes to be organised – so if your headphones always end up tangled, you’re not ready for this.

The Cheap One: Bulk Powders 600ml Shaker

Sometimes simplicity is king, which is where this shaker from Bulk Powders comes in. It’s got one job – to mix your protein shake – and sure as day turns to night, it does that job just fine. If it’s zero frills and cheap thrills you’re after, this is the one.

Buy from Bulk Powders | £3.49 (currently reduced to £2.61)

The Big One: Alpha Bottle

If this were a game of Top Trumps, we’d be playing the Alpha Bottle’s capacity stat every time. It stands head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to volume, holding a massive 750ml. It gives you the chance to double-down on protein powder without the shake getting too thick, as well as helping you stay hydrated if you let it do double duty as your water bottle. As an added bonus, it’s shape makes it easy to hold on to, meaning you don’t need mitts like Eddie Hall to grasp this monster.

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