Working out at home (particularly if you’re trying to ease yourself into a new workout routine) is an ideal way to ease yourself into exercising and building confidence with the added benefit of privacy. That’s one of the reasons England Rugby launched their Inner Warrior campaign in January, to help women across the country get fit for free. Even though the camps have wrapped up for 2020, the team still wants to help you build your fitness up, from the comfort of your own home.

Luke Woodhouse is the Red Roses’ strength and conditioning coach and, with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in sport and exercise science and currently doing a PhD in the field, he definitely knows a thing or two about fitness. So, we’ve tapped him to give us four key exercise moves he puts the team through on a regular basis. Best of all, they’re all simple moves that can be done at home and without any fancy equipment. “The Red Roses are competing at the very top of their level, so it’s imperative that they are at peak fitness throughout the season,” Woodhouse tells POPSUGAR. “To do this, we employ a range of training tactics that target different muscle groups and focus on various areas of fitness, such as strength, stamina, stability, and speed.”

Keep on reading to find out about four exercise moves you can easily do at home and how to perform them correctly (and safely).

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